It's how to be sociable

One of the best things about a walking weekend, especially a Large Outdoors walking weekend, is that being sociable is all part of the experience. There’s no ‘forced fun’, and when you’re walking there are often times people prefer some quiet, but being with a group and meeting other people is definitely something that a walking weekend is all about.

Staying at Kettlewell YHA we explored the Yorkshire Dales an Malham Cove

Too often in our work and the rush of modern life it can be easy to forget that you haven’t had a good conversation in months. And what many people look forward to the most is the chance to sit down by the fireside and relax with a group of people that share the same interests, re-living the day’s adventures in the hills or planning future ones.

The act of walking with a group, even in silence, is in its own way sociable. It’s the perfect pace to have a conversation, where the aim is on the exploration of the landscape and the enjoyment of the walk. Many of our members have made new friendships on our events, and gone on to plan further trips together. With all that benefit, you’ve got much to lose by staying at home!

Guided Walking Weekend Exploring the area around Wastwater and Scafell Pike, staying in Wasdale YHA.

You can actually enjoy yourself

There’s nothing quite like being able to enjoy the scenery without worrying about the need to navigate or wondering who is cooking dinner. On a social walking weekend with a guide all that is taken care of, so you can spend your precious outdoor time looking at the views and exploring, rather than with your head stuck in a map. Let the leader do the hard work! You’ll also have far more time in the evenings to sit back and take it all in, all while enjoying the cosy accommodation we’ve hand-picked for our groups.

Guided day walk from Edale in the Peak District to the summit of Kinder Scout.

You’ll see the world in a different way

Struggling to get away from it all for the weekend? If it’s down to having to plan accommodation, walks and maps then you’re not alone. With a group you just have to get yourself to the venue and you’ll have the chance to discover part of the country you may never have seen before. We run social walking weekends everywhere in Britain, from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, as we know that for many of you, your passion lies in discovering the incredibly diverse land we’re lucky enough to live in.

Alongside the geographical, walking with a group can open up your eyes to things you would never have thought of before. Many famous writers and poets have said that walking is the only way they find inspiration, and we certainly feel that alongside the relaxing nature of taking the country in at your own stride, your mind will also be that bit freer. Add into that moment the insights of the rest of the group, and you may discover something truly profound.

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