Don't be a hermit this winter, there's a lot to see out there...

1. Nature is Transformed

Whether it’s the frost on the grass in the mornings, the leafless trees, or all the winter migrants in from the Arctic, you’ll see a different side to wildlife in winter. One of our main winter visitors are geese, who come to the UK to overwinter before heading back to the far north for the summer breeding season. The lack of the leaves on the trees can also give a wholly different feel to the landscape, and makes it easier to see other wildlife, such as birds.

If you love wildlife, then our Ennerdale weekend is the perfect place to spot it, with over 100 bird species recorded in the valley!

Guided Walking Weekend in the Lake District staying at Ennerdale YHA

2. Night Skies

Shorter days give us a major benefit to help make up for the lack of light – longer nights! This is the best time of year to go stargazing, and we’re lucky in living in the UK, which has some of the largest dark sky areas in Europe. We also have several ‘dark sky reserves’, areas that are recognised and protected so we can see the stars. Areas include Northumberland, the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia.

With up to 2000 stars visible on a clear night, as well as planets and galaxies, it’s truly spectacular when you get the view! If you want to find out more about it all, why not join us on our stargazing and walking weekend in Northumberland.

The Night Sky

3. Hot Treats

After being out for a day in the fresh winter air, tucking down to something warm just feels that much better. Whether your choice is hot chocolate, mulled wine or mince pies, there’ll definitely be something for you in many of the great local tea rooms we wander into during our walks. Okay so this may be a bit more down-to-earth than night skies or wildlife spotting, but we think it’s all part of the winter fun!

There’s nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate when back from a winter walk. And why not do it overlooking the sea from the stunning Port Eynon hostel on our Gower weekend?


4. Quieter Countryside

We love seeing the countryside full of people exploring and getting out and about, but sometimes it’s nice to walk as a small group, feeling as though we have the place entirely to ourselves. You’ll often find this on our winter trips, when we’ll be the ones making the most of the time of year while others just wait for the spring. If you’re really out for peace and quiet, then winter is the season to find it!

Really get out and explore at our Wye Winter Walking Festival, discovering the famous river and the viewpoint of Symonds Yat.


5. New Year Resolutions

If you’ve made new year’s resolutions in the past that haven’t lasted past January, then this could be the year you change that. Why not set yourself some realistic targets you can work towards for the whole year, such as visiting somewhere new every month, going walking every fortnight, or just a general one to make yourself get out and about and make new friends in the great outdoors. Heading out on a winter walking weekend could be the perfect place to begin a year of discovery.

Give it a start this February, with our gentle walking weekend in Cheddar. Rolling hills, good company, and views over Somerset!

We enjoyed two days of walks around Cheddar Gorge..

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