Breaking the Silence

Over the last year or so many of you will have met Jo and her adorable but not always brilliant guide dog Matt...

Over the last year or so many of you will have met Jo and her adorable but not always brilliant guide dog Matt.

For those of you who have not met Jo, she was born profoundly deaf and then in her early 30’s discovered she was losing her sight due to a rare condition called Usher Syndrome. However, this has not stopped Jo doing anything in her life, from leading a successful career to getting away at the weekend with Large Outdoors..

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Last March Jo’s life changed forever as she opted to receive cochlear implants, her mum then filmed the moment the implants were turned on and Jo heard noises for the first time. Little did they know this video was going to go viral and change Jo’s life even further.

Jo has now written a book called Breaking the Silence which are her memoirs of life growing up deaf and then learning she was to lose her sight through to the life changing operation.

For those of you who have met Jo you will know and understand what an inspirational lady she is, for those who have not yet met her this book is an incredibly uplifting life story which will change your perception of deaf-blind people forever.

The book is released on the 26th of February and to celebrate we will be catching up with Jo to talk about some of her exploits with Large Outdoors and her amazing life changing adventure.

Breaking the Silence is now available for pre-order from Amazon using the link below: www.amazon.co.uk/Breaking-Silence-Journey-Discovery-Transformative/dp/1473606012

You can also watch the video here:

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