Wild Camp

Are you coming wild camping with us? Make sure you’re ready for the adventure with these useful hints and tips.

Choose the right tent!

You’re going to want a proper hill-walkers tent, rather than something you might use at a festival. So it’s got to have a few things:

Separate ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ layers – these help keep you warm and dry, and allow there to be a porch, which is covered by the outer and allows you to store your wet kit somewhere dry without getting your sleeping area damp.

It should have a fully waterproof ‘outer’ – essential in the UK!

The ability to be packed down really small and as light as possible (you’ll be carrying it in your bag) – don’t bring a pop-up!

This is the kind of tent you should be looking at: http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/vango-banshee-200-tent-d1312358?id_colour=98.

It’s a relatively small 2-person tent, so plenty of space for one person plus some kit, but it’s quite light-weight at 2.4kg. There are cheaper and more expensive tents that will all do the same job – if in doubt then send us a quick email.

Sunrise in the Lake District

Think about your sleeping bag and mat

Your sleeping bag should be the right rating for the season you’re camping in. If it’s got a high rating (keeping you warm at colder temperatures), it’ll be too warm for the summer, and it’ll probably be big and bulky. However, if it’s got a low rating (designed for very warm or indoor use), it may not keep you warm enough.

For our summer camping trips you should aim to get a bag with a comfort rating of around 5 degrees centigrate, or a ‘2 season’ bag. If you naturally get colder than average, you can always also bring a sleeping bag liner, which will give you more warmth.

A mat is also important, as it insulates you from the coldness of the ground, and provides comfort. There are two types, foam and air-filled Thermorest style mats. The more expensive ones tend to be lighter and pack down smaller, but any mat will do for our summer trips.

Guided day walk to the summit of Scafell Pike

What are you going to eat?

In the evenings we’ll be having boil-in-the-bag meals, and possibly porridge for breakfast. During the day you’ll want some snacks though, and you may want something to eat after dinner in the comfort of the tent – a bar of chocolate never goes amiss!

How will you stay comfortable?

Camping when it’s raining and still managing to get into your tent and sleeping bag with everything warm and dry is definitely a skill to learn, and takes some patience. Make sure everything in your bag, including your sleeping bag, is stored in waterproof bags. Also make sure your waterproof clothing is really waterproof, not ‘water resistant’. See our blog on waterproofness here… 

Carrying items such as dry clothes and spare socks in a waterproof bag can really improve your comfort at night, and being fastidious when getting into the tent will stop water coming in with you. Of course it may be dry and you’ll be lying out in the sunshine!

Enjoying the Summer Solstice with a wild camp in Snowdonia

The best tips and tricks when camping come with experience, so listen to your leader’s advice and we’ll make sure you have the best time possible.Essential kit reminders:

Alongside our regular kit list, don’t forget to bring these extras, which you may miss out when packing for one of our hostel weekends.

Torch and batteries

Mug, bowl and cutlery

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Dry bags


Spare socks and clothes for the night

And finally make sure you have a bag big enough to fit all these things in. A 50-60L bag should be fine. Pack it in advance of your trip so you can check – and remember your leader may give you some ‘group food’ to carry.

Book your next wild camping adventure:

Why not join us as we enjoy a summer solstice wild camp… 

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