Ok, so on the face of it a pair of socks is, well, a pair of socks right?

Ok, so on the face of it a pair of socks is, well, a pair of socks right?
Wrong, if you want your feet to stay comfortable and walking-fit while you’re out for a day’s jaunt, having the right socks are crucial.

Be prepared to part with £15-£20 for a good pair of walking-specific socks and your feet will thank you; not to mention the fact that instead of being uncomfortable because of blisters or cold feet, you’ll be able to simply enjoy the delights of a day’s ramble.

On a lovely and mild November weekend we heaed to Clun Mill YHA for a weekend exploring Offa's Dyke and the Shropshire Hills.  Despite a very wet start on Saturday monring it soon cleared up to leave us in stunning sunshine.

Here are a few tips for keeping your feet, and you, happy:

On no account wear cotton socks, even if they’re sports socks. Once they get wet they rub and are a prime culprit for blisters. Even wearing two pairs won’t give your feet the right protection.

Look for those made from wool. Plenty of brands out there but some of the best are Bridgedale, Brasher, 1000 Mile, Sealskinz waterproof socks,  or my own personal favourite, Icebreaker Merino Wool socks.

Plenty of padding for warmth and insulation. Even summer-weight socks should have plenty of cushioning – without that your feet are going to kick off and really make their presence felt. Ask for guidance in a good walking shop as there are plenty of different types of socks depending on the type of walking and time of year, as well as women and men-specific styles.

A colour that doesn’t clash with your outfit!

So, for fear of being seen as a sock-geek, I’m going to end here but please, please do give some thought to socks as they can be a real enjoyment-breaker.

As always if you have any specific enquiries about what to wear on an event please do not hesitate to contact the Large Outdoor Office.

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