Get out and walk...

Is 2013 the year you have decided to take on a challenge, either here in the UK or further afield?

One of the most common questions here at Large Outdoors HQ is how can I train for a challenge such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks or my upcoming trip to Killimanjaro?

Our answer is simple.. Get out and walk..

A guided week walking the West Highland Way

But not just walking to work or around the shops.. but out and about in the country.. Walking on rough terrain and in walking boots is a very different experience to plodding the streets between M&S and Topshop.

By getting out you will be getting used to your boots, your rucksack and all your kit, you will find out what works for you and what does not.. You don’t want to find that your boots rub half way up Ben Nevis or that your bag is not big enough to fit your waterproofs on a showery day climbing Snowdon. If you feel comfortable you will feel more confident.

Walking on suitable terrain is also key.. there is no point training for days in Norfolk on the flat if your trekking the Inca trail. Get up and down some hills or mountains, walking up hill works totally different muscles in your legs and will help you train.

Why not get a group of you together and make it the ideal chance to meet your team or just enjoy a day out in the fresh air.

With this in mind Large Outdoors has a whole program of day walks that are perfect to include in your training. Our guides will be on hand to not only help you through the day but there to provide the perfect chance to answer all the questions you were to embarrassed to ask. Thinking you might look “daft” we all have questions from the dreaded drop toilets to how to put on gaiters.


Our Upcoming events - Scotland

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