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Take in the stars on a guided moonlight or night walk...

There’s something incredibly special about walking in beautiful surroundings at times when most people will be tucked up in bed so here are three ideas to inspire you:

Sunrise summit walks

Everybody likes a good sunrise and sunset – those ones where you stop in your tracks and turn your eyes skywards to watch the fantastic spectacle unfold.

So hold that thought and then imagine what it might be like watching the day break or the sun set as you’re sitting on top of one of the highest peaks in Britain.

Well we can tell you it’s a heart warming, inspiring and quite simply stunning moment. If we were poets the sight of the different hues and the glow across the surrounding mountains would have us scribbling a verse or two down in double quick time. However we’re not so we’ll settle for clumsily trying to recount just how special the experience can be.

Night Walking

There’s something daredevilish and wild about starting a guided walk during the night under a canopy of stars. As you trek higher up the flanks of peaks such as Ben Nevis, Snowdon or Scafell Pike, there’s a moment where you might feel your energy dwindling. However just at that moment you look across and see a chink of light as dawn breaks and somehow there’s an immediate boost in spirits and your legs seem to forget they’re getting tired.

Before long and helped by a few early rays of sunshine and the cheery glow of that first light you find yourself at the top enjoying a flask of coffee and a walker’s summit breakfast (flapjack, cheese sarnie, crisps) while lapping up the sunrise.

Believe us when we say the experience will make you forget the early start as you’ll be a giddy kipper for the rest of the day, no doubt helped by the well-deserved 2ndbreakfast once you’re back down!

View our full schedule of Sunrise and Sunset Walks here…

Starlit Snowdon

Summer Solstice wild camping

Celebrate the Summer Solstice by spending a night wild camping surrounded by the Lake District Fells or the grandeur of the mountains in Snowdonia.

In the late afternoon our guides will lead you to a remote spot high up in the mountains where tents are then pitched and a simple meal is prepared on the gas stove.

Enjoying the Summer Solstice with a wild camp in Snowdonia

Well we say simple, but quite frankly, a chilli con carne turns into a veritable feast when you’re ravenous and you’re looking out at views that no fine dining restaurant or hotel can ever compete with.

We might not have white linen tablecloths but sitting on a knoll watching the sun slowing setting on the longest day of the year makes it a very special eating experience indeed.

After a night under canvas, the early rays of light usually has people crawling out from their tents to watch the sunrise before they retreat for a few more hours of slumber. After an al fresco breakfast served at a more civilised 8am, the group then enjoys a half-day walk back down to the start.

View our full Solstice Schedule here…

Enjoying the Summer Solstice with a wild camp in Snowdonia

Moonlight walks

Don the head torches and embrace the wonderment of walking at night. With guides experienced in night walking and navigation, you head off into the wilderness under some of the most beautiful dark skies in the country.

With so little light pollution affecting the skies above Snowdon and Ben Nevis, the night sky can easily be studded with thousands of stars and galaxies such as the Milky Way that are a wonder to behold as you’re striding along. Either that or you’re likely to be accompanied by the moon which helps shed light on the path ahead.

Even if the stars aren’t quite so evident, there is still something quite special about walking at this time as you tune into the sounds of nocturnal wildlife stirrings or learn more about the skills of night navigation along the way.


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