Relax and don't worry...

If you’re thinking of joining one of our walking weekends but are feeling a tad nervous about being the newbie in the group, then read on:

We’ve all been there:

Arriving at a venue when you don’t know anybody is daunting to say the least but bear in mind, we’ve all been there. Each one of us, guests and hosts included, has been the ‘new person’ at some stage.

However we have been arranging group trips away for years now and our hosts are all primed to make sure you feel relaxed and part of the group as soon as you arrive and will make the necessary introductions.

Our guests are also very sociable and so you’ll soon forget that you were the new one as the chatter commences.

New years eve guided walking break in the North York Moors.


Each of our weekends are about relaxing and enjoying yourself, rather than it purely being about a route march. In fact we’re pretty laid back so if you decide that on one of the days you’d prefer to stay put and read a book in front of the fire rather than head out for a yomp, then feel free.

Some people are worried they won’t be able to keep up when we’re out walking. In fact we tend to find that most new guests amaze themselves by actually being able to complete tougher and longer walks than they thought possible!

Day walk on Blencathra and Sharp Edge in the Lake District

Pop into the kitchen:

They say the best parties are always in the kitchen and this holds true at each of our events as people gravitate towards where the food is being prepared.

We often find guests being willing helpers as we prepare the evening meals and it’s a great time to break the ice.

Bring a tipple:

Now, we’re not advocating getting stormingly drunk as that wouldn’t be in anybody’s best interests.

However guests are asked to supply their own alcohol for any drinks they might feel like having during the course of the weekend, and a glass of your favorite wine or beer can be a sociable pastime!

For those who don’t like alcohol, we also stock a full range of complimentary herbal teas and fruit drinks.


Most important – if you enter the weekend with the frame of mind: “I’m going to have fun”, then do you know, miraculously you will!

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