Snowdon Day Walk

The number of people living alone is increasing...

According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of people living alone is increasing and along with it, so are levels of depression with adults living alone 80% more likely to suffer, especially if they spend most of their weekends alone.

Advice from psychologists and GPs agree that the best way to combat depression is to incorporate moderate exercise and increased level on contact and socialising with others – but this can be daunting and difficult if living alone.

Now, Large Outdoors, the nationwide outdoor pursuits and social group has been set up, which is specifically designed to allow individuals to join a group and take part in various outdoor activities.

With fully qualified guides and nationwide events, Large Outdoors makes the great outdoors easy and fun, organising walks, weekends away and social outdoor activities including kayaking, abseiling, climbing, mountain biking, camping, coasteering and diving. For more information or to book a place on a Large Outdoors event, go to www.largeoutdoors.com.


Our Upcoming events - Snowdonia

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