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Reach for the stars...

Our April date was one of our quickest selling events of all time, so with that in mind we have launched a new date in November 2016.

A guided walking weekend that makes the most of Kielder Forest’s Gold Tier Dark Sky Status.

Staying in the Scandi-style Tarset Tor eco-bunkhouse tucked away at Lanehead, a secluded corner of the Northumberland National Park, guests can combine two days’ exploring the quiet trails of Kielder Forest and the heritage of Hadrian’s Wall, with a night hanging out at Kielder’s Observatory.

The group will join a ‘Universe Full of Stars’ event at the Observatory with a talk on astronomy before guests get their hands on the powerful telescopes and, under expert guidance, learn more about the heavenly happenings.

The weekends costs £140 per person which includes two nights’ accommodation at Tarset Tor bunkhouse, all meals including three-course evening meal and packed lunches, Large Outdoors host and qualified walking guide throughout the weekend.


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