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According to the charity Mind, a lack of self-confidence causes nine in ten women aged over 30 to avoid taking part in outdoor sports such as walking and cycling. According to research, 65% of women are prevented from joining exercise groups for fear they won’t be able to keep up and two thirds feel that sports clubs will be ‘cliquey’ and unwelcoming.

Counteracting this trend is Large Outdoors; the nation’s fastest growing outdoor sports club, which by providing a forum where members can exercise in a social, supportive environment, has seen an increase in female participation and a demand for women only outdoor events.

Gareth Williams, founder of Large Outdoors said: “When I started Large Outdoors, I wanted to create an outdoors club that was welcoming and inclusive for all. Today, Large Outdoors has more than 9,000 members and just over three quarters of attendees at events this spring have been women. I am really proud that our leaders have created an environment where women feel confident and at ease.

“People join up to Large Outdoors to get fit and make friends in a stress-free environment, and the social element of the club is really important to women who enjoy outdoor pursuits but perhaps lack the confidence to go it alone.

“Our team of qualified mountain guides work hard to make Large Outdoors accessible and welcoming to beginners and advanced walkers alike. We welcome people of all abilities and support members with their personal goals.

“Many of our members attend events on their own as well as with friends or partners and the club is a great way to get fit and meet new people whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

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