What torch do you need for our night-time events?

We’ve got quite a few events that need you to have a head-torch, either because we’re planning to walk in the dark, it’s a longer walk in the winter months, or you’re coming camping. To avoid any confusion here’s a simple guide to what you need to bring with you … and also what not to bring!

What do you need?

Simple! A head-torch involves a small torch with an elastic strap so you can attach it to your head. Usually they will take AAA batteries, which fit into a small compartment behind the bulb.

When looking for a head-torch you want something that is: bright, easy to use, and has a battery life long enough to last the night (always carry some spare batteries just in case). There are some very cheap options out there, but you want to make sure it’s suitable for mountain use, in potentially bad weather. If the reviews are ‘great for dog walking’ or ‘useful to find my front door’ it may not be bright enough.

The good thing about getting a slightly better head-torch is not only will you have a much better experience walking with us on whatever night-time trip you’ve planned, but it’ll last for longer and can accompany you on other adventures!

There are quite a few options at Cotswold, GO Outdoors and Millets. We recommend not getting anything that has a light output of less than 100 lumens (L). Reviews and descriptions will often say ‘good for hillwalking’ or ‘used when trekking’.

A great model is the Petzl Tikkina, seen here on the GO outdoors site.

Night Walking

What not to get?

Also simple! Anything you need to carry and doesn’t attach to your head. Hand-hold torches, phones etc. are not suitable for mountain walks as you need to use your hands to use them, when you may well need your hands for other things. Attaching a hand-held torch to your head with tape is also not okay as it can easily fall out.


For a safe and enjoyable trip, and a head-torch that will last, please follow our advice. Because this is a safety issue, we may not be able to allow you on the walk if you don’t have a head-torch, and we would prefer it if you came along!

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