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Saturday I headed down to Snowdonia working for Large Outdoors helping to lead a group of 38 up Snowdon. The weather was looking very good, sun streaming through the window, until I got within sight of Snowdon. There was a line of very low cloud right across the Snowdon range. As I came through the pass visibility got poorer and poorer. I met up with the group and other leaders at the hostel in Capel Curig then just after 9 we all piled in cars and headed down to Llanberis to dump the cars dropping the passengers off at the cafe at the Penypass car park. The plan was to get the bus back up to the Penypass car park and start from there. The queue for the bus was massive the promise of sunshine had brought everyone out.

A guided day walk in Snowondia

After not managing to get on the first bus we eventually got on a bus just after 10 this was going to be a rather late start. Fortunately whilst we’d been waiting all the cloud had been burnt away and the temperature had risen considerably. We all regrouped in the car park and headed along the Miners track.

It proved quite a challenge to keep such a large group together but the front group were patient and waited at certain spots along the way for everyone to catch up. We had an elevenses stop at the old miners buildings before we got onto the steep path that led up to the pig track.

We all had a dinner stop just before the final push to the summit. It was lovely sitting in the warm sun admiring the views.

Once everyone had had a descent break we headed up to the summit. By this time it was very warm work but all the clients persevered and got to the summit. They all popped on t-shirts they had printed especially for the summit and posed for a group photo.

They’d raised a substantial amount of money for ”wish upon a star” charity. After all having a bit of time for relaxing and using the cafe and it’s facilities we all headed down the long path back to Llanberis.

We all met up at the half way cafe resting and enjoyed the sun, some of us having lovely blue slush puppies, before we had the final push down to Llanberis.

This was a fantastic day out the weather was amazing with views to die for, the clients were great, and did really well getting to the summit without any problems even though a lot of them hadn’t walked up a mountain before and they did a fantastic job raising lots of money for a very worth course.

Well done !!!!

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