I was having a meeting with the team over at Real Staithes....

Finally finding time to post a few images.. so a few weeks ago I was having a meeting with the team over at Real Staithes. The plan was to chat about our exciting coastal foraging days and weekends that we plan for 2015.


But no we head out on Sean’s boat as Minke whales had been spotted that morning just of the Yorkshire Coast.. and the day before they had seen a Humpback Whale..


So after a few hours heading out to sea with nothing to sustain us.. well apart from the mass of biscuits, chocolates (Green and Blacks No less) and coffee.. We had seen endless seals and to be honest we were getting quite bored of them… we finally came across a group of Minkes feeding on a large herring ball..


If you have every tried to take whale pics I can safely confirm its hard and I have nothing to show for my effort… please don’t expect David Attenborough style wildlife shots in the images below… However there are plenty of wonky sea shots..


After a few hours enjoying the Minke whales we headed back in shore where I was roped into helping Sean check his lobster pots… Well I stood at the back of the boat so as not to get in the way, but was present and thats what counts..

Then it was back to Sean and Tricia’s for a fish super and a lesson in how to cook a lobster… No they don’t scream or try to crawl out of the pan…

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