Yorkshire Three Peaks

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Got your waterproofs, warm clothes, boots and walking outfit sorted for the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge? Then you’re nearly there; but before you head off, have a think about what you want with you in your backpack for a walk that lasts 12 hours. Here are some suggestions:

Two water bottles

You should aim to start with two litres of water to keep you hydrated during the walk, and drink regularly throughout the day. If you need more, there are two cafés to get drinks on the way.


Decide early on what food you need to get you through the challenge. Take things you enjoy eating, and snacks you can eat when on the move.

First aid kit

As well as personal medication, it may be worth taking some painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Plasters can always come in handy, and to prevent blisters, zinc oxide tape is great. You can tape strips onto the areas that rub to stop blisters developing. For when it all goes wrong though, blister plasters are essential.

Torch, survival bag and whistle

You hopefully won’t need any of these, but all make up a basic but essential emergency kit. Make sure you have batteries for the torch.

Phone with charge

Bring your phone and make sure it’s fully charged – great for letting friends know how it’s going and getting encouragement, and useful in an emergency.

Sun cream / sun hat

It can be hot in Yorkshire, and 12 hours in the sun is a long time to burn!

Spare socks

Having a dry pair of socks to change into half way round can be a great morale-booster. You can also put them on your hands if you need a spare set of gloves.

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