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In October, Oneworld Publications will be publishing The Ghosts of K2 by Mick Conefrey, which documents some of the earliest attempts to climb the Savage Mountain, and takes us on the journey of the first successful ascent by two Italians, Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni in 1954. Through exclusive interviews with surviving team members and their families, and access to diaries and letters that have been archived around the world, Conefrey evokes the true atmosphere of K2 and explores why it remains the ‘mountaineer’s mountain’, despite a history steeped in controversy and death.

Along with introducing us to some very extraordinary characters, such as the American mountaineer Charlie Houston, the book explores what it means to be a true adventurer.

Oneworld thought, what better place to offer a giveaway than the Large Outdoors!  If you’d like a chance to win an early copy of the hardback, we’ve got 5 up for grabs.  The first five people to email cneal@oneworld-publications.com with “Ghosts of K2 giveaway” in the subject line will win a copy.

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