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Challenge yourself to take on the mighty Snowdon...

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Getting to the top of Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, is the ambition of many walkers, and there’s no better way to do it than with a friendly group of people, being led by an experienced guide.

All of our guided Snowdon day walks are lead by qualified Mountain Leaders, all of who are first aid trained and will carry suitable first aid kits and mountain safety equipment. They will be there to look after the navigation, leaving you to focus on the walk, the views and making new friends with your walking companions.

Having a guide along for the day is also a great way to offer support and encouragement to those who may need that extra bit of support to reach their goal. It also gives you the chance to maybe try a route thats a bit quieter and more remote.

Make it a weekend with our friendly and social accommodation package.

Here at Large Outdoors our core aim is to offer social adventure weekends and breaks, with this in mind we also run a full weekend package which includes two nights guest house accommodation, some meals and of course a guided day walk to the summit of Snowdon. You can view our Snowdon Weekend Package here…


Charity challenges & Group Packages:

If you work for a charity or are interested in attending with a group of 8 or more then please get in touch to discuss our group rates and charity packages.

Hire a Private Guide for Snowdon:

Do you have a group who would like to hire their own private guide to the summit of Snowdon? With a private guide you can pick any date and of course any route you wish. Saturday is our most popular day to summit Snowdon and you can book a private guide online for any Saturday by simply selecting the date and number of guides you require from our Book your experience box.

We can supply guides for any date you wish, so if your date is not listed please contact the office to discuss the many options we have to hire a private guide.

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Which Route will you take on?

We offer guided walks to the Snowdon Summit via the below paths. They all have their own characters, benefits and challenges. If you would like further advice on your route choice then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Miners Track:

Our most popular route the summit and arguably the easiest. Our route begins at the Pen-y-Pass and follows a wide easy path via some lovely lakes, old mine workings before our ascent truly begins with a small scramble, which is easy to complete with care and of course our guides will be there to offer you expert guidance. On reaching the summit we return down the gentler Llanberis track and back to our cars.

Available every Saturday from the 21st March – 31st October.

  • Read more about the Miners Route:

    You will begin this walk by meeting your guide in Llanberis, from here we jump on the bus to Pen-y-Pass (please bring £2 in change for the bus).

    The Miner’s Path begins as a gentle track, winding its way past the beautiful lake of Llyn Llydaw and the ruins of the copper mine that give the track its name. The summit of Snowdon soon comes into view ahead, a great pyramid of rock and grass. We see possibly it’s most dramatic side, the great trinity face.

    On our ascent up the path, we’ll be surrounded by the giant rocky peaks of Y Lliwedd and Crib Goch, two of the famous Snowdon ridges and which together make up the famous scramble of the Snowdon Horseshoe. If you look closely you’ll probably see climbers heading up!

    After passing the cool green waters of Glaslyn, the uphill work begins in earnest as we head up a long snaking staircase, which at times is quite steep. You’ll be able to go at a steady pace though, and our guides will look after you all the way.

    After a giant zig-zag, which at least reduces the gradient somewhat, we emerge onto the summit ridge, where we’ll be able to see west to the Irish Sea, north to Anglesey, and of course back down the many miles we’ve already walked. From here it’s a simple matter of following the trail up the last few hundred metres to the top, where for a moment we’ll be the highest people in Wales, and will hopefully have views all over Snowdonia.

    After plenty of time for photos and snacking, our descent will be down a different path, probably the Llanberis path. This trail takes a gentle gradient and leads us north, close to the famous railway line and with the Menai Straights and the coast ahead.

    Near the bottom, we’ll visit a café for our celebratory drinks, before the short walk back in to Llanberis. You’ve definitely earned the right to congratulate yourselves today!


Pyg Track:

This walk also starts at the Pen-y-Pass but follows a slightly different route until it joins the Miners Track shortly before the summit. After the summit we return down the Llanberis path.

  • Read more about the Pyg Track:

    You’ll begin the day walk by meeting your expert guide and the rest of the group in Llanberis, where we’ll have a brief run-through of the weather, check everyone’s got the right kit, and then set off in the bus for Pen-y-Pass (please bring £2 in change for the bus).

    The Pyg Track starts at the highest point that roads reach on Snowdon, so you’ll already be above 300 metres when we start. Pen-y-Pass is the site of a true mountain hostel and a National Park information centre, but we’ll soon be leaving them behind as we head for our goal.

    The trail climbs up swiftly, passing huge boulders, and heading towards the pointed summit of Crib Goch, one of Snowdon’s ridges. We reach the pass of Bwlch y Moch, which means ‘pass of the pigs’ where the waters of Llyn Llydaw come into view on the left, and the long dark valley of the Llanberis Pass descends to the sea on the right.

    From this point we begin the traverse beneath the slopes of Crib Goch; the path is easy to follow but does have some rocky sections and one or two difficult steps – nothing our guide won’t be able to help you with though!

    After a few twists and turns, the summit of Snowdon itself comes into view, above the great triangular crag of the trinity face. It looks daunting, but we’re well on our way by this point, and able to gaze down on the dark and secretive lake of Glaslyn, high on the mountain.

    After a few more rocky steps, we begin the great final zig-zag that takes us to the summit ridge, where the Irish Sea and the Llyn Peninsula will be visible in the distance. From here it’s only a few hundred metres to the summit, and for a few moments of photos and congratulations we’ll be the highest people in Wales.

    The route down will be via the Llanberis Path, which heads north following the famous mountain railway line, and allows us to see a whole new side of Snowdon. The path is mostly as an easy gradient, with no rocky steps, allowing us to appreciate the scenery and enjoy the descent.

    Near the end of the route, we’ll all head to a local café for a well-earned celebratory drink before returning you to Nant Peris. This will definitely be a day to remember, and we hope you’ll be inspired to walk the mountains with us again!

Snowdon Ranger’s Path

The original route up Snowdon, and the one the poet Wordsworth would have taken in the 19th century, the Snowdon Ranger’s Path is a great adventure up the quieter western side of the mountain. The views west as you head up include the forest of Beddgelert, the Llyn Peninsula, and sweeping views over the Irish Sea. The route itself is one of the easiest, mostly along a well-made path with only a few steep sections. Although you are of course climbing the highest mountain in Wales, it will feel a lot easier than some of the other trails up, and you’ll get the same fantastic views from the summit.

  • Read more about the Snowdon Rangers Path

    Our journey up the Ranger’s Path starts at the car park opposite the YHA Snowdon Ranger, which was originally the starting point for most people climbing the mountain when Llanberis was only reachable by boat. The start sees us cross the old narrow-gauge railway line between Caernarfon and Porthmadog and head up a series of gentle zig-zags.

    As the view behind us reveals the pretty Llyn Cwellyn and the mountains behind, we enter a long stretch of easy path, allowing us to warm up, with views of the summit ahead.

    Of course, it isn’t level for ever, as we do have to climb the mountain. The path begins its upward journey near the crags of Clogwyn Du’r Arddu, where though there are a few steep bits, the path is easy to follow and there are several great rest stops.

    Once at the top of this section the gradient becomes easier again, and we find ourselves in the upper reaches of the mountain, the summit café visible ahead. The path leads over a broad shoulder, wide and without any steep drops. We cross the famous Snowdon Railway line and before long will be standing on the summit!

    Our return journey will probably be the same route, to avoid road walking back to the start.

Rhyd Ddu Path:

This is one of the least walked routes to the summit and without doubt our favourite. This route allows you to really get away from the crowds that can often take over the other routes. On this day walk we return via the same route as we go up.

  • Read more about the Rhyd Ddu Path:

    Our meeting place is in the village of Rhyd Ddu, alongside the Welsh Highland Railway station, and just north of the beautiful village of Beddgelert.

    The trail starts off along an easy track and slowly gains height, passing old quarries and the rough grassy terrain of the hill-sheep, the summit of the mountain visible ahead right from the start.

    Before long we head off the track onto a true mountain path, which ascends to the wide ridge of Llechog, one of the many ‘arms’ of Snowdon. The path starts at a moderate gradient, with sections of grass and some stony sections, suitable for most walkers. It becomes steeper towards the top, but winds around, reducing the gradient for those weary legs.

    Having gained Llechog, we traverse the ridge along a gentle slope, with fantastic views down into the great bowl of Cwm Clogwyn in the north, and back west to the Llyn peninsula and the Celtic Sea.

    At the end of Llechog, we cross the famous Bwlch Main, a moderately narrow ridge, but easily walkable for those with a good head for heights. Beyond this ridge, the path climbs through rocky pinnacles to reach the summit of Snowdon and the top of Wales!

    After some celebration, a picnic if the weather allows, or even a hot drink in the café, we’ll head down. There are a number of options for the descent depending on the weather and the group. We can descend the same way, take the Rangers Path, or the south ridge, rejoining the Rhyd Ddu path lower down.

    Once down, we’ll no doubt want to celebrate in the pub in Rhyd Ddu, and you can congratulate yourselves on being the highest people in England and Wales!


Watkins Path:

This route is our most challenging way to the summit, not only does the route start at the lowest point of all the other routes meaning you have to climb higher, but close to the summit there is a substantial bit of scrambling. That said the route is beautiful and the start begins in ancient woods and winds its way up the side of a stream with stunning waterfalls and amazing rock pools. We do limit this event to over 16’s.

  • Read more about the Watkins Path:

    Our journey starts in Nantgwynant, the beautiful valley south of Snowdon, filled with woodlands, and with the sleepy Glaslyn River winding its way through farmland and between small craggy hills. This path is the only one up Snowdon that begins in a woodland, and we have a few minutes of peace as we head through it, listening to the sound of birdsong before committing ourselves to the climb ahead.

    The track then leads up into the vast glacial valley of Cwm Llan, and although there are some uphill sections, these first miles are relatively easy underfoot. We can admire the crags of Y Lliwedd above us while passing next to the waterfalls of the Afon Cwm Llan.

    In Cwm Llan itself we pass Gladstone Rock, where British Prime Minister Gladstone opened Watkin’s path and then began a walk up it at the ripe old age of 89. We’ll also see the remains of the slate mines that were once active in this valley, where hundreds of men were employed to dig out the valuable rock used for roofing and building materials all over the world.

    The summit of Snowdon soon becomes visible, and after reaching the slate mines, our track becomes a path and winds its way steeply up to the Bwlch y Saethau, one of the mythological places King Arthur was killed.

    After a brief respite along some level ground, with views of the ridge of Crib Goch to the north, we begin the final pull up to the summit, over sometimes loose ground on a narrow path. This is definitely a time for concentration, when our guides will be able to give you a helping hand if you need it.

    After drinking in the summit views, stretching from the north coast all the way down to Mid-Wales and sometimes even west all the way to Ireland, we’ll have plenty of time for photographs and congratulations before the descent.

    For our descent we have a few options depending on the weather and how you’ve found the walk so far. We can either descend the south ridge, which includes some minor scrambling and allows us to see the brilliant ridge of Bwlch Main, or perhaps take the Miner’s path down to Pen-y-Pass before getting the bus back to Nantgwynant. Either way, we’ll see a different side of Snowdon on the way down and then head to a local café for a well-deserved celebration!

Snowdon Guided Day Walk Dates:

To book any of our standard day walks simply select your date from the “Book Your Experience” box, on a mobile this is at the top of this page, on a desktop its on the right. Then simply select the number of tickets or private guides that you require and check out.

To view the current dates and availability on our Snowdon Sunrise Experience and the Snowdon Moonlight Guided Walk please visit their respective pages. You can view our entire range of Snowdon trips here…

November 2019

  • 23rd November, Saturday – Miners Path

December 2019

March 2020

  • 21st March, Saturday – Miners Path
  • 28th March, Saturday – Miners and Rhyd Ddu

April 2020

  • Miners Path every Saturday
  • 4th April, Saturday – Watkins Path
  • 10th April (Good Friday) – Miners Path
  • 11th April, Saturday – Miners & Ranger Path
  • 12th April (Easter Sunday) – Miners & Watkins Path
  • 13th April (Easter Monday) – Miners Path
  • 14th April, Tuesday – Miners Path
  • 16th April, Thursday – Miners Path
  • 18th April, Saturday – Miners & Rhyd Ddu Path
  • 25th April, Saturday – Miners Path
  • 26th April, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 30th April, Thursday – Miners Path

May 2020

  • Miners Path every Saturday
  • 2nd May, Saturday – Miners, Watkins and Rhyd Ddu Path.
  • 7th May, Thursday – Miners Path
  • 8th May (May bank holiday) Friday – Miners Path
  • 9th May, Saturday – Miners & Watkins Path
  • 10th May, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 14th May, Thursday – Miners Path
  • 16th May, Saturday – Miners & Ranger Path
  • 21st May, Thursday – Miners Path
  • 23rd May, Saturday – Miners & Watkins Path
  • 24th May, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 25th May, Monday (Bank Holiday) – Miners Path
  • 28th May, Thursday – Miners Path
  • 30th May, Saturday – Miners & Ranger Path
  • 31st May, Sunday – Miners Path

June 2020

  • Miners Path every Thursday & Saturday 
  • 6th June, Saturday – Miners & Watkins Path
  • 13th June, Saturday – Miners & Rhyd Ddu
  • 14th June, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 20th June, Saturday – Miners & Watkins Path
  • 27th June, Saturday – Miners & Rhyd Ddu Path
  • 28th June, Sunday – Watkins Path
  • 30th June, Tuesday – Miners Path

July 2020

  • Miners Path every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 
  • 4th July, Saturday – Miners & Ranger Path
  • 11th July, Saturday – Miners & Watkins Path
  • 12th July, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 18th July, Saturday – Miners & Ranger Path
  • 25th July, Saturday – Miners, Watkins or Rhyd Ddu
  • 26th July, Sunday – Miners Path

August 2020

  • Miners Path every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 
  • 1st August, Saturday – Miners & Rhyd Ddu Path
  • 8th August, Saturday – Miners and Watkins Path
  • 9th August, Sunday. Miners Path
  • 15th August, Saturday – Miners & Rhyd Ddu
  • 23rd August, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 29th August, Saturday – Miners, Rhyd Ddu & Watkins Path
  • 30th August, Sunday – Miners Path
  • 31st August, Monday (Bank Holiday) – Miners Path

September 2020

  • Miners Path every Saturday
  • 12th September, Saturday – Miners & Rhyd Ddu
  • 19th September, Saturday – Miners & Watkins
  • 27th September, Sunday – Watkins Path

October 2020

  • Miners Path every Saturday
  • 17th October, Saturday – Rhyd Ddu Path
  • 24th October, Saturday – Watkins Path

November 2020

  • 7th November, Saturday – Miners Path
  • 21st November, Saturday – Miners Path


Snowdon Sunrise and Moonlight Walks:

Would you like to do something just a little bit different? Large Outdoors also offer Snowdon day walks and weekend packages that include moonlit walks and walks timed so you reach the summit in time to watch the sunrise. For full details of these packages please visit our dedicated Snowdon page here…

Crib Goch and Snowdon Horseshoe:

Large Outdoors also offers those looking for a true mountain adventure the chance to scramble Crib Goch or indeed complete the entire Snowdon Horseshoe, quite possibly one of the finest mountain journeys. For full details of these packages then please visit our dedicated Snowdon Page here…

Good to Know:

Meeting times:

All walks meet at their respective locations at 9.00am for a prompt 9.15am start.

Please note the Miners and Pyg track walks require you to get a bus at 9.30am, if your late and miss the bus you will have missed the walk as we cannot wait for you.

Meeting Locations:

Miners and Pyg Track:

Please meet your guides outside the Electric Mountain Visitor Centre, just to the right of the main door are some flagpoles and your guide will be waiting there for you.

The opening times of the visitor centre vary on the seasons but if it is open there are toilets and a cafe inside. If the centre is not open we will walk past toilets before we start the walk.

Parking: There is a car park next door to the visitor centre, this is pay and display and currently cost £4 for the whole day.

Venue Address: Electric Mountain Visitor Centre, Llanberis  LL55 4UR

Rhyd Ddu:

Meeting location: Rhyd Ddu main car park (LL54 6TN), by the train station in the village (not a mainline train station). The car park is on the right just before you enter the village from the south on the A4085, or just past the village on the left if you’re coming from the north. There is a small charge for using this car park.

Your leader will meet you by the car park ticket machine.

Ranger’s Path

The pay and display National Park car park opposite the YHA Snowdon Ranger hostel (please do not use the small hostel car park). The postcode for the car park is roughly LL54 7YS; it is on the A4085 north of Rhyd Ddu. There is a toilet.

Your leader will meet you by the car park ticket machine.

Watkin’s Path

This is a pay and display car park, please only park in the marked bays. The post code is for the Gwynant Cafe. Your leader will meet you beside the ticket machines.

Watkins Path Car Park, Bethania, Nantgwynant LL55 4NR


The Basics:

Age Limit – Snowdon Guided Day Walks with the exception of the Watkins path are open to anyone over age of 10. However anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Due to the nature of the Watkins Path all participants must by over 16 to take part in this route.

Food & Drink – Please note we do not supply any food or drinks for this day walk, you will need to bring your own packed lunch etc. Please note although there is a cafe on the summit this is not always open and on a summers day it can be so busy that we are not able to go in.

Dogs – I am afraid dogs are not allowed on this trip, unless they are registered assistance dogs.

Useful Links:

Kit lists – You can view our kit lists here…

FAQ’s – For important information on what’s included with our standard trips, such as what food we supply, arrival times and answer to our most commonly asked questions please visit out our FAQ’s page

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  • My first Large Outdoors and (Ulster & the Giant's Causeway Walking Weekend) Irish experience was absolutely fantastic. Everything was organised perfectly and Gareth is a joy to be around. I loved every minute and will definitely book myself onto another trip. #toldallmyfriendstheyhavetocome
    Member Since 2018
  • Well, for a non-walker it was certainly challenging but my word was it exhilarating! The feeling of achievement after every day, was just fabulous. The group we went with were all strangers on day one, but firm friends by the end of the week. The comradery on some of the tougher walks, helped me to the top…..and wow what views. Anyone thinking of doing it - don’t worry….just go for it!
    Member Since 2016
  • “I didn’t really know what to expect on my first ever walking holiday and wasn’t very prepared if truth be known – lesson to all read the essential kit list especially waterproofs! It was great fun and what a lovely group of supportive and encouraging people, especially Gareth who did a great job looking after us all. I must admit at times I found it a bit challenging but what a great sense of achievement when we reached the top of the mountains (hills) I will definitely do this again.
    Member Since 2016
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