Hadrian’s Wall

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“Holiday walking, Hadrian’s Wall in all its glory, and heavenly stargazing”

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    3 Nights
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    Some provided. Details below
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    Multiple options available
    3 - 4

We’re really excited about this trip!

We’ve homed in on the best sections of Hadrian’s Wall to offer three days of guided walks across 40 miles where we take you to different sections each day while staying in one beautiful location.

In a nutshell:

  • Wander in wonder at the Romans’ building skills and the spectacular landscape.
  • Enjoy exploring different sections of one of Britain’s national treasures.
  • Savour the fact that you’ve earned the great food that is provided throughout the weekend.

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For this weekend we’re basing ourselves at the four-star rated Ninebanks YHA which is a 17th century cottage in a secluded location with endless views across the hills.

After we’ve introduced you to your fellow walking companions, there’s plenty of time to make the most of those views while chatting in the garden, no doubt with a drink in-hand, while we prepare the evening meal.


Your Large Outdoors host will serve a delicious breakfast that will be just the ticket to prepare for the day’s exertions.

We then take the group to the start of the first day’s walk at Walton. From here we strike out for Steel Rigg along a 16-mile route which reaches the highest point along the Wall at 345 metres.



Along the way we’ll come to the fascinating remains of the fort at Birdoswald and follow some well-preserved sections of the wall, complete with turrets.

We cross the River Irthing and at Gilsand the route takes us across open moorland before we come to the final stretch that is dominated by dramatic crags, quarry ponds and panoramic views all the way to Steel Rigg.


Back at Ninebanks, and with the August sun shining down on us, there will be time to soak up the rays in the garden before sitting down to an evening meal lovingly prepared by our team.

The YHA’s location, well away from any light pollution, means that on a clear night there is plenty of star gazing potential so we will often step outside to make the most of those celestial moments!


Today our Large Outdoors transportation will take us back to Steel Rigg for a 15-mile stretch towards Port Gate.

During the day we pass the sites that are some of the most iconic of Hadrian’s Wall, namely the forts at Housteads and Chesters and Sycamore Gap, where a solitary tree known as Robin Hood’s tree sits perfectly in a dip between two hills.


Expect undulating terrain, tranquil riverside spots and wild moorland in this majestic landscape where it’s easy to conjure up images of the Romans defending their territory from the Scottish Picts.

With the walk completed we return to base for a celebratory evening meal hosted by us, no doubt re-living the highlights of the day.


Today we have a gentler walk in mind, a 9-miler finishing at the lovely village of Heddon-on- the-Wall.

Here, the experts say there is the best stretch of Hadrian’s Wall in a village setting, with the remains still reaching up to 6.5 feet wide in places.

There also happens to be a lovely pub so it would be churlish to not enjoy a Sunday lunch once the walk is complete!

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What our members have to say...

  • Well, for a non-walker it was certainly challenging but my word was it exhilarating! The feeling of achievement after every day, was just fabulous. The group we went with were all strangers on day one, but firm friends by the end of the week. The comradery on some of the tougher walks, helped me to the top…..and wow what views. Anyone thinking of doing it - don’t worry….just go for it!
    Member Since 2016
  • “I didn’t really know what to expect on my first ever walking holiday and wasn’t very prepared if truth be known – lesson to all read the essential kit list especially waterproofs! It was great fun and what a lovely group of supportive and encouraging people, especially Gareth who did a great job looking after us all. I must admit at times I found it a bit challenging but what a great sense of achievement when we reached the top of the mountains (hills) I will definitely do this again.
    Member Since 2016
  • My first Large Outdoors and (Ulster & the Giant's Causeway Walking Weekend) Irish experience was absolutely fantastic. Everything was organised perfectly and Gareth is a joy to be around. I loved every minute and will definitely book myself onto another trip. #toldallmyfriendstheyhavetocome
    Member Since 2018
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