Take the first step towards making new friends and starting your adventures…

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced that tussle you have with yourself when you’re keen to do something new only to have the little inner voice of doubt growing louder and throwing a spanner into the works by creating a mix of fear, nerves and imagined horrors.

This is why we focus on dispelling those fears and horrors when you’re faced with joining one of our trips for the first time, and why we’ve created some events specifically for new members.

Of course newbies to Large Outdoors can book onto any of our trips but for these events we ensure there are a number of walking options each day – some easy, some more challenging –  so you can join the one you feel most comfortable with.

Knowing there’s a host who will welcome you on-board and that the majority of the group are first-timers also helps overcome any pensiveness you might harbour about entering a roomful of strangers.

We can recount countless stories of how we’ve seen people grow in confidence within a few hours of joining one of our trips but who better to listen to than existing members. Head over to our Facebook page and you’ll find plenty of people willing to offer advice, words of reassurance and opportunities to travel together before you join your first Large Outdoors adventure.

Similarly on our website there’s plenty of advice on gear to bring and what to expect but we are always a friendly bunch of people so give us a call if you need to ask us anything.

Take the first steps to new adventures...

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