Discover the stars in truly special locations…

With our National Parks boasting some amazing dark skies our guided walking trips often mean we’re staying in places where you can look skywards for a spot of celestial wonderment.

To put it in perspective astronomers reckon that in urban areas you’ll be lucky to see 20 stars on a clear night, whereas in an area of low light pollution such as the National Parks you could see as many as 2,000.

With the likes of NorthumberlandYorkshire Dales, Brecon Beacons and North York Moors National Parks now designated as Dark Sky Discovery Sites, observatories springing up and a plethora of information available on upcoming celestial shows, the delights of astronomy are far more accessible. This is why we’re adding a number of specific stargazing events for guests, taking advantage of Northumberland’s Kielder observatory.

We are also lucky enough to stay in some great night sky locations where we can simply pop outside for a night time amble when the weather allows to get a bit ‘star-struck’. The below weekends are all in locations perfect for Stargazing.

Explore the stars

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