Kit list

Knowing what kit to have with you is essential to having a safe trip with Large Outdoors.

With this in mind we have compiled this page of kit lists to offer you some help and advice on what to pack.

Here at Large Outdoors HQ we are always being asked about what kit people should have to take part in our events. So with that in mind we have compiled some useful kit lists for each of our activities.

Still a bit confused then please take a look at our Kit Advice section where Large Outdoors founder, Gareth, has written helpful tips for you when looking to purchase gear. This advice is based on his own personal experience and that of members. You can also find a dedicated Kit Review section on our main blogging page.

First and most importantly if you are new to Large Outdoors and Outdoor Pursuits in general please do not feel that you have to go out and purchase all of the kit on all of these pages (that would need a big loan or remortgaging your house). You would be better off attending some events and gaining the experience and talking to other members about what kind of kit you should purchase. Then slowly purchase the kit that suits your skills, body and budget.

As a guide, we have listed compulsory equipment that the leader will insist you have before you continue with the activity at the top of the page. We have also suggested ideal kit you should carry with you as a matter of best practice.