Scafell and Wasdale

This kit list applies to all of our walks, whether you’re with us for one day, a weekend, or a week of adventure. Underneath the main list there are ‘extras’ which you may want to consider.

Here at Large Outdoors, we are very strict on ensuring that both leaders and members have the correct kit whilst taking part in activities in the mountains and hills of the UK.

You will not be allowed to participate in our mountain day walk if you have not got the essential clothing and equipment. If you are unsure of either the kit or your personal fitness skill level to attend these events then please contact the leader directly.

Whilst packing your kit remember that the conditions on our mountain day walk can be very different to the conditions where you live. You should pack for the worst case scenario.

Essential clothing and equipment:

Waterproof Jacket and Trousers

These range from the very cheap to the very expensive, so we’ll leave it up to you. Make sure they are ‘waterproof’ rather than ‘water resistant’. And please consider where you’re going.

A wander around the Gower peninsula for a day is very different to a week on the Isle of Skye. To see our guide to waterproof clothing, visit our blog.


Something to wear next to your skin when you’re walking. We advise against cotton as it soaks up water, rubs, and doesn’t dry easily. A synthetic T-shirt is a good idea, or if you get cold easily you may want to try wool.


Something to keep you warm. You may want a thick and thin fleece if it’s a cold day.


A good pair of walking boots. We recommend buying these in a shop and trying them on first, rather than ordering them online, as different brands are slightly different shapes.

Walking Socks

Proper walking socks have more padding at the heel and are designed to wick away sweat.

Dry bags

You need to keep the things in your bag dry, so we recommend dry bags, which come in different sizes and can be used for everything from cameras to jumpers. Plastic bags also work but are liable to tear.


To carry your spare clothing, food and water. 30 litres capacity is ideal.

Walking Trousers

You want something light-weight and flexible, and that dry easily. Please do not walk in jeans, as these soak up a lot of water, or are stifling on a hot day.

Gloves, hat and scarf/buff

You need to keep your head, hands and neck warm. Gloves should be waterproof.


Please bring enough water bottles to carry 1.5 litres on a normal walk, or 2 litres if you’re on a longer walk ie. a Scottish mountain day, or a Snowdon summit day.


If you are on a weekend trip or week-long holiday, then we provide food, but if you are just coming for the day then you’ll need to bring some lunch. Depending on how much you eat you may also want extra snacks.

Survival bag and whistle

For emergencies. Please ask your leader about their use when you meet at the beginning of the trip.

Head torch

Early and late in the year we may finish the walk after dark. Please also bring spare batteries.

Note: If you are coming on one of our planned night-time walks such as Moonlight Snowdon, Snowdon Sunrise, Helvellyn Sunrise or a wild camping trip, a head torch is essential and will be checked at the start of the walk. If you do not have a head torch then for safety reasons we can not let you start the walk.

For guidance on choosing a head-torch, please see this blog.

Personal first aid kit

Whatever medication you need, as well as some spare blister plasters/lip salve/painkillers (hopefully not needed!)

Optional equipment:

Walking poles

Many people find these useful for spreading the effort required to go uphill, and to reduce joint impact going downhill.


Make sure it’s waterproof or you have a waterproof case/dry bag to keep it safe.


Some people like to follow the walk on their own map, which is fine –just make sure you bring the right one!


These close the gap between your boots and trousers, help keep your feet dry, and keep dirt out of your boots.

Read our guide to using gaiters here…

Thermos Flask

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on the hillside!

Sun Cream or Midge Spray

Extra items for residential trips


Hostel accommodation usually does not include a towel, but please check you event page for more details.

Ear Plugs

Just in case. You may not know who you’re sharing with!

Evening clothes

Something to change into after the walk. If you’re with us for a few days of walking please check on the event page whether the accommodation has a washing machine. If not then more clothes/hand wash liquid may be desirable.

Wash Bag

Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel etc.