West Highland Way

Our Story: How Large Outdoors began its mission to provide trips where the emphasis is as much on the social side as well as laying on great walking or other outdoor activities.

Well peeps, Large Outdoors first strode into the world in 2008 after I had been looking to join a group that would not only offer great walking but also be an extremely sociable occasion.

After venturing on several group outings, including a very intimidating route-marching one, I knew there was nothing else for it but to set up my own group to create trips that blend a level of challenge with plenty of relaxation, sociability, and quite frankly, a good cup of coffee and cake!

Large Outdoors Founder Gareth Williams Sea Kayaking in Western Scotland

Gareth – Large Outdoors Founder

So Large Outdoors began with me inviting and cajoling friends to come on a few weekend trips where I made all the arrangements, planned the routes, hosted the evenings and cooked (boy did I cook!).

From there, the veritable acorn began to grow and soon paying guests were accompanying us.

We must have done something right as many of those early guests were keen to join another Large Outdoors adventure which led to us expanding the range and location of our trips.

As Large Outdoors grew so our team expanded, all hand-picked by me after tough scrutiny which includes checking they have the best map-reading skills and the necessary catering skills to cook a lasagne while holding a multitude of conversations with guests!

Today, I’m very proud of the fact that we have guided over 10,000 guests uphill and down dale, served thousands of portions of sticky toffee pudding and seen umpteen new friendships created as well as a sprinkling of weddings!

I look forward to meeting you…