Jobs at Large Outdoors: Large Outdoors employs a wide variety of freelance staff across the UK and across all outdoor disciplines. If you are a freelance outdoor instructor who would be interested in working with us then please complete the below form.

Instructors FAQ’s

Do I need to hold my own insurance?

No, if you are working on a Large Outdoors event under our guidance you are covered by our insurance and although we would always advise you hold your own policy, as long as you are working within the remit of your award you are covered by our policy.

What is the recruitment process?

Simply complete the below form, submit your references and supporting documents. A member of our full time staff will be in touch for an informal chat. At this point you will be placed on our potential leaders list. You will be sent the majority of job posts 24 hours after our confirmed leaders have been offered the work.

To become a confirmed leader with us you will be invited to attend an event that is being run by one of our Directors or Senior Leaders. They in turn will assess your ability to not only look after our groups, but more importantly understand our core aims of making outdoor activities, fun and accessible.

The majority of our attendees are new to outdoor pursuits and we want to make sure they have a great first impression. Having a good personality and great way with people is essential to working with Large Outdoors. If successfull at this point you will be added to our full leaders list and will be offered access to our available work dates.

How is work advertised?

Available dates are emailed out on our regular job post.

When will I get paid for my work?

We understand that being a freelancer has many benefits and a few cons including having to wait to be paid. We pay all freelancers by BACS on either the 1st or 3rd Thursday of the month, invoice deadline is 48 hours before.